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FSSAI Registration in Delhi

To prevent the sale, manufacture, distribution, and storage of unsafe or mislabeled food, all food-related firms must get an FSSAI registration or Food License.FSSAI License Registration has three categories based on annual sales and production capacity. FSSAI Basic, State, and Central Registrations. CA Near By Me makes FSSAI registration, license renewal, and other processes simpler.

Get Your Online FSSAI Licence Registration in Delhi

Obtaining an FSSAI registration, commonly referred to as a Food License, is obligatory for all food-related businesses operating in Delhi, India. The FSSAI operates as an independent body instituted under the Food Safety and Standards (FSSAI) Act of 2006, to oversee and set benchmarks for food products across the country.

Within Delhi, the execution of the FSSAI Act and its regulations falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Food Safety. Overseeing this department is the Food Safety Commissioner of Delhi. Its primary responsibilities encompass regulating and, when necessary, prohibiting the sale, production, distribution, and storage of food items that do not meet the prescribed standards of safety and labelling.

Categories of FSSAI License Registration in Delhi

In Delhi, there are three categories of FSSAI License Registration available, determined by the annual turnover and production capacity. These categories are as follows:

  • FSSAI Basic Registration: Food Business Operators (FBOs) with an annual turnover below Rs. 12 lakh are required to apply for FSSAI Basic Registration using Form-A. The Food Safety Commissioner’s designated officer in Delhi is responsible for approving this registration.
  • FSSAI State Registration: FBOs with an annual turnover ranging from above Rs. 12 lakh to below Rs. 20 crore should opt for FSSAI State Registration using Form-B. The approval for this registration is granted by the office of the Food Safety Commissioner in Delhi.
  • FSSAI Central Registration: FBOs with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 2 crore need to apply for FSSAI Central Registration via Form-B. This registration is approved by the Central FSSAI authority.

Required Documents for FSSAI Registration in Delhi

Here’s a list of the papers needed for Basic FSSAI Registration:

  1. Photo ID evidence.
  2. Food business address verification.
  3. Proof of owning the business premises.
  4. Certification of the food business constitution.
  5. Information about the business’s nature.
  6. Inventory of produced or processed food items.

The Necessary Documents for obtaining a State FSSAI License include:

  1. A completed and signed Form-B.
  2. Proof of address for the food business.
  3. The layout plan of the food processing unit.
  4. Evidence of ownership or possession of the business premises.
  5. Certificate indicating the constitution of the food business.
  6. Details of equipment and machinery installed, including names, numbers, horsepower, and capacities.
  7. Contact information for business members, partners, directors, or executives.
  8. Identification and address proofs of partners, proprietors, directors, or authorized signatories.
  9. Water analysis report for food product usage from a recognized or public health laboratory.
  10. List of proposed food items for processing or manufacturing.
  11. Manufacturer’s authorization letter with the responsible person’s details.
  12. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the manufacturer.
  13. Food safety management system plan or certification.

Having an FSSAI registration or license is a necessity for producing, distributing, exporting, importing, and storing food items. This registration is also obligatory for starting and running a food-related business in Delhi.

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