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Cancel Your GST Registration

GST registration can be cancelled by individuals or corporations. This involves filling out FORM GSTR-16 on the GST system and providing a legitimate cancellation reason. The taxable person must also state any outstanding liabilities at cancellation. After reviewing the cancellation application, the tax office issues a cancellation order if necessary. Following the cancellation order, the taxable person must file a GSTR-10 final return within 30 days. This ensures tax obligations are met before cancellation. We provide complete cancellation help at ‘CA Near By You’. From preparing and submitting the cancellation application to assuring compliance with Section 29 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act of 2017, our team helps customers terminate GST registration smoothly.

Section 29 of the CGST Act governs Surrender or Cancellation of GST registration.

Cancelled by the department

  • In the following situations, a proper officer authorized by the Act may cancel a GST registration:
  • A taxable person defaults in any provision of the GST Act.
  • A taxable person consistently fails to file GST returns services for six months.
  • A taxable person opts for voluntary registration but does not start a business within six months of the GST registration date.
  • Taxable person obtained their GST registration through fraud, willful misrepresentation, or the concealment of facts.
  • The proper officer starts the cancellation process by sending the registered person a GSTR-17 notice with the reasons for the cancellation and a request for a response.
  • Using Form GSTR-18, the registered person must respond to the notice within seven days from the date of issuance of the notice.
  • The proper officer will drop the proceedings and issue an order on Form GSTR-20 if the reply is deemed satisfactory. Otherwise, an order will be issued in Form GSTR-19 for cancellation of GST registration.

Cancellation of the application by the taxpayer

  • The taxable person also has the right to cancel their gst registration by filing the FORM GSTR-16 on the gst portal by stating the reason why they want to cancel their gst registration.
  • The proper officer after scrutinising the application filed by you may pass an order in FORM GSTR -19 for the cancellation of gst registration with effect from a date determined by the proper office and he also states the amount of liability to be paid by the taxable person.
  • After receiving the order of cancellation of GST Registration the taxable person needs to file a final return in GSTr-10 within 30 days from the date of passing the cancellation order.

List of documents required

Let's understand more about

Surrender or Cancellation of GST Registration

Benefits Of GST Surrender

  1.     Avoidance of penalties
  2.     Reduced compliance burden
  3.     Savings on compliance cost
  4.     Clarity on tax position
  5.     No liability for tax payment


   If you violate any provision of the GST Act, fail to file GST returns consistently for six months, fail to start a business within six months of voluntary registration, or obtained GST registration through fraud or misstatement, your registration could be cancelled.

   – If you get a notice to cancel, you have seven days to respond using Form GSTR-18 and give the right officer a good explanation. Assuming your answer is acknowledged, the procedures will be dropped. Your GST registration will be cancelled otherwise.


 Yes, you can apply to have your GST registration cancelled on your own initiative. The proper officer will then issue the cancellation order for GSTR-19 by simply submitting the GSTR-16 application via the portal.

   – When your GST registration is cancelled, you should file GSTR-10 within 30 days from the date of the passing of order of cancellation of gst registration.

 Our group of seasoned professionals at focuses on GST consulting. We can take care of everything you need to do to cancel your GST registration on your behalf, making the process stress-free.

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  • Expertise: Our team possesses extensive experience in GST consultancy and compliance matters, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of GST registration cancellations.
  • Time savings: We handle all the paperwork and procedures involved, saving our clients valuable time and effort.
  • Compliance assurance: Our professionals ensure that all legal requirements and timelines are met, reducing the risk of penalties or legal issues.
  • Hassle-free process: Visitors can trust us to navigate the complexities of GST registration cancellation, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.
  • Peace of mind: With our dedicated support, clients can have confidence in the smooth and error-free cancellation of their GST registration, relieving them from administrative burdens.

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