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Startup India is a government project to boost the Indian economy, recognize and encourage companies, and attract bright entrepreneurs. Under Startup India, DPIIT can recognize qualified enterprises as startups for tax incentives, easier compliance, IPR fast-tracking, and other benefits. You must correctly register for this initiative to receive all this. Startup India certificate registration services from CA Near By Me help entrepreneurs get recognized.

What is Startup India Registration

Formerly called DIPP Registration, the scheme states that startups can benefit by registering their commercial venture as a DPIIT-approved startup. The scheme is expected to transform India into a job provider rather than a job seeker. Only an entity that is registered as a Business Registration Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Registered Partnership Firm can choose Startup India Registration. All corporations that choose to use it must be progressive, improve upon existing services or products, and be capable of generating wealth and employment. These standards are mandatory for DPIIT registration. If your PLC or LLP meets such criteria, apply online for Startup India registration today with CA Near By Me!

Benefits of Startup India Registration

  • tax exemption
  • angel tax exemption
  • Discount on trademark and patent application fees
  • self-certification
  • government tenders
  • Interaction Platform for Startups
  • Fund of Funds for Startups
  • fast exit

Documents required for recognition under the Startup India initiative

  • COI: Certificate of Incorporation from MCA / Certificate of Registration from ROF
  • PAN Card: PAN card of any organization
  • Constituent Documents: MOA and AOA are the corporate and partnership documents for LLP or Partnership firm
  • List of Directors, DP and Members: List of Directors or Partners or Elected Members with photos and contact details
  • Social Links: URL of an organization’s (if any) website and mobile app and social profiles (LinkedIn and/or Twitter) of directors, DPs and members.
  • Regarding funding: If the organization has received any funding, the amount deposited and investment information.
  • IPR Registration: If the company has applied or registered for any IPR, information about that application or registration.
  • Awards/Certificates: Details of any awards/certificates/recognition received by the organization.
  • Annual Report/ITR: Deduction under section 80-IAC through Annual Return of Startup for last three financial years (if applicable) and Income Tax Returns issued during last three financial years (if applicable) Claim Form.

Eligibility for Enrollment in DPIIT

  1. Forming a Company: You need to register your company as follows:
  • incorporated private company;
  • Partnership with minimum liability; Or
  • Company listed in partnership
  1. Turnover: The turnover increase for your organization cannot exceed Rs. 100 crores in any previous year.
  2. Available: Your unit needs to be rebuilt. It cannot last more than 10 years.
  3. Innovation: The Startup India recognition certificate is awarded only to organizations working for innovation or improvement in an existing product or service. This innovation/improvement should be capable of generating revenue and revenue.

Why did you choose CA Near By Me for Startup Registration in Delhi?

  • A team of experienced lawyers, CA & CS will guide you at every step
  • We first understand your needs and then act upon them;
  • Amazing design team to help you create the perfect pitch deck for your new business
  • We not only fill out the form but also create a Startup India Login for you
  • Lastly, we also address queries coming from the DPIIT portal
CA Near By Me aims to provide a fast and affordable Startup India Registration Service.

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