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FAQs About Filing Online Income Tax Returns in Delhi

In today’s digital age, filing income tax returns online has become the norm due to its convenience, efficiency, & speed compared to traditional paper filing. If you’re a Delhi resident considering online tax filing, you probably have questions. CA Near By Me provides this FAQ guide to address your queries & make the process smoother.

1. Do I Need a CA (Chartered Accountant) to File My Online Income Tax Returns in Delhi?

While not mandatory, it’s wise to consult a CA for online income tax return filing, particularly with complex finances, multiple income sources, or investments. A CA ensures accuracy, compliance, potential cost savings, & legal adherence.

2. Are There Any Deadlines for Filing Online Income Tax Returns in Delhi?

Yes, there are specific deadlines for filing income tax returns in Delhi. Typically, the due date for individuals is July 31st of the assessment year for the previous financial year. However, it’s crucial to check the current deadlines as they may change.

3. Can I File My Returns for Previous Years Online in Delhi?

Yes, you can file income tax returns for previous years online in Delhi, known as belated returns. However, keep in mind that the window for filing belated returns is limited, & penalties may apply.

Online Income Tax
Online Income Tax Returns

4. Is Aadhar Card Mandatory for Online Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi?

While an Aadhar card is not mandatory, it is advisable to link your Aadhar number with your PAN (Permanent Account Number) for seamless e-filing. Aadhar linkage simplifies the verification process & expedites your return processing.

5. What Documents Do I Need to File Online Income Tax Returns in Delhi?

To file online income tax returns in Delhi, you will typically require the following documents:

  • PAN card
  • Bank statements
  • Aadhar card (linked to PAN)
  • Details of investments & deductions
  • Form 16 (if employed)
  • Any other relevant financial documents

6. How Do I Choose the Correct ITR Form for Filing in Delhi?

Selecting the right Income Tax Return (ITR) form is crucial. The choice depends on your income sources, financial transactions, & residential status. Consult with a CA or refer to the Income Tax Department’s guidelines to ensure you use the correct form.

7. What Is the Process for Filing Online Income Tax Returns in Delhi?

The process for filing online income tax returns in Delhi involves the following steps:

  • Register on the Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal.
  • Select the appropriate ITR form.
  • Fill in the required details & upload supporting documents.
  • Verify your return using Aadhar OTP, EVC (Electronic Verification Code), or by sending a signed ITR-V to the Central Processing Center (CPC).
  • Receive an acknowledgment once your return is successfully submitted.
Online Income Tax Returns Delhi
Online CA Services

8. Does Delhi have a penalty for filing income tax returns late?

Yes, there is a penalty for late filing of income tax returns in Delhi. The penalty amount varies depending on the delay & your total income. It’s essential to file your returns on time to avoid penalties & legal consequences.

9. Can I Make Corrections to My Online Income Tax Return After Submission in Delhi?

Certainly, you can make corrections to your online income tax return after submission in Delhi. The Income Tax Department allows for revisions within a specified time frame, so act promptly if you discover any errors.

10. Is E-verification Necessary for Online Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi?

E-verification is not mandatory but highly recommended in the online income tax return filing process. It confirms your return’s authenticity & eliminates the need to send a physical ITR-V copy to the CPC. E-verification methods like Aadhar OTP, EVC, or net banking simplify filing & speed up processing.

Filing taxes with online CA in Delhi is easy & convenient. For expert guidance, contact CA Near By Me. We’ll help you navigate tax complexities, ensure compliance, & maximize benefits.

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